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Footy finals in Melbourne?

August 18, 2006

I had a mate email me from the US saying he’d be in Melbourne the first week in September and wants to go to a footy match. At first I jumped at it but then as I started explaining the finals I realised there may not be any footy in Melbourne in the qualifying finals.

Eight teams go into the finals, so there are 4 games on the first finals weekend. Teams finishing in the top 4 get a home game. Games are usually played in sequence.
Fri night – 1st Qualifying Final First vs Fourth
Sat after – 2nd Qualifying Final Second vs Third
Sat night – 3rd Qualifying Final Fifth vs Eigth
Sun after – 4th Qualifying Final Sixth vs Seventh
So the Crows may play in Adelaide on Saturday afternoon, or on Sat night. Sydney are playing well and likely to get a home final too! West Coast will get a home final.
So, there could be only 1 game on in Melbourne that weekend and it may be Fri night.
If Freemantle finishes 4th, they will also play at home in WA and there’ll be no games in Melbourne for the first time in history! Yes, they will allow it.

2 teams get eliminated after the weekend. There will be 4 losing teams. The 2 teams that finsihed lower on the ladder will be finished for the season, taking 6 teams into next week.

What a fabulous weekend for footy … but maybe not in Melbourne 🙂

I’ll be down at AAMI stadium! I don’t know where my mate from the US will be!



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