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NAB Grand Final 2008

March 4, 2008

$30 a ticket is a bit rich. I know it’s a grand final but both coaches are talking it down. I reckon $15-$20 would be great, especially if it would encourage a bunch of friends to go. At this price they’d get close to a full house and the extra money spent on car parking, food and beer would more than make up for it.

I’m a Crows fan and Lia is St Kilda so it’s a family showdown too. Maybe we need to have a bet with the loser wearing opposition colours next week. Keep an eye out in the store next week to see what Lia is wearing – then you’ll know the Crows won! Go Crows!


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  1. Well well, i see that Steve hasn’t mentioned what happens if Saints win, (which of course they will.)I have a size 8 saints guersny which he can squeeze into for a day im sure… i guess we can skip the bare midriff uniform (or in his case ..belly) rule for a day. If it was a port guerseny tho i guess he would fit right in. joke 🙂

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