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Choosing a pedometer

November 9, 2009

What pedometer should you choose?

Pedometers have come a long way in recent years. They vary markedly from model to model, ranging from basic pedometers to highly sophisticated models that talk to you. Pedometers are usually worn on your waistband in a position above the knee though they can also operate on the side of your hip.
 When used in conjunction with an appropriate diet as part of a program to increase your daily exercise, pedometers can help burn energy. They can also play an important role in motivating people to exercise. Pedometers will not indicate your level of fitness. As a rough measure, when walking, about 1250 steps should be roughly equivalent to 1km and should take about 13 minutes to cover.

The most basic pedometer is a Step Counter, which does little more than count steps. One step up from this is a Pulse Pedometer, such as the P208. This is a step counter which monitors your pulse and is also a distance monitor and calorie counter. With both these units you have to stop in order to take a reading.

For those keen like to know how they are going while on the move Talking Pedometers are just what the doctor ordered. Great for walking and jogging, the P9935 model will count and announce your steps and tell you the total distance travelled.

The more sophisticated P9942 Talking Pedometer and Calorie Counter is designed for everybody’s use, not just for walkers and joggers. It can be used to keep track of your walking for the whole day at work, at home – in fact anywhere. A voice announces steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled and walking time. This model is favoured by the weight conscious.

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