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Selecting Sports Shoes – Symbols

October 10, 2011

It’s easy to get carried away with choosing a good pair of trainers or walking shoes. Some brands list over 25 different features and benefits, which can get confusing. For example, the cushioning system in asics is Gel, in Nike it’s Air, Adidas has Adiprene, New Balance has Absorb, and that’s just one of the features.

Tip 1: Look for symbols or writing on the heel, forefront or under the shoe. They may not make sense so ask the one of the staff to tell you what it means.
There are some basic differences in shoes for running, walking, tennis or netball. Think of the way your foot moves when doing these activities. Running has pressure on the forefront, walking on the heel, and both usually have a straight, forward motion. Playing tennis or netball requires a lot of side movement, changing direction and good grip. Running and walking shoes will be more flexible, bending in the same place your foot bends, and will have a hardwearing outsole for uneven surfaces. Tennis and netball shoes will be firmer, heavier, and will have a flat, herringbone type outsole for good grip on flat surfaces.


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